Worship in Islam is rational

Islamic worship doesn’t fall under false beliefs category of Agnosticism and Atheism or Modern Science. We see life as a system. Every command in Quran is related to life system. This is why we say Islam is not a religion but a system of life. Even an agnostic person can halve adapt to this system and still be an agnostic, still that person will see an improvement in life. But that won’t make that person look like a Muslim until he/she believes in Tawheed. This is the reason why it is not possible for anyone to rationally reject the validity of Islam in the modern world. Worship in Islam is mostly associated with a worldly benefit.

Here is a way Islam has given rationality to worship. Most of the harm we do to ourselves and our society, we do them in the darkness. That means in night. Because its easy to get passed them if we do them in night. Islam has a very beautiful way to get rid of this vulnerability. If we form a habit of waking up for Thahajjadh (An early morning prayer), we won’t be able to commit ourselves to a bad habit in night. In Sha Allah.

Al-Quran (Surah Muzammil : 6)

The AyahFor your curiosity here is a download link of a Quran English translation.