Quran is a rational guidance – a proof

Contrary to the misconception, Quran is not for blind belief but for people who research. My argument won’t contain boring terms like, “it’s a matter of faith”. Faith is useless if there is no rationality. If a truly liberal person reads Quran he/she will understand it is not a matter of faith but rationality. How western governments and media and also some “so-called Muslims” portray is very different to the reality of Islam.

Sadly, some of us humans everywhere on earth have not evolved since the medieval time. Sometimes we used to  judge things based on our medieval attitudes and experiences. The bitter experience we all had with religions during medieval period is still in our memories. We have to open our mind and realize how things have changed. From the side of Muslims, there formed a fear on using Aristotelian logic after Mutuzilism. But that fear is no longer valid, since science and explorations have developed and fooling people by using Aristotelian logic on Quran is “not possible”. Scholars feared for cruelty of Mutuzilism and that fear is no longer valid, thanks to liberalism.

Apart from all of these some Muslims used to hesitate to research Quran because they think that’s extremely hard to understand. I also thought the same way. But alhamdulillah, by experience now I can say its pretty straight forward and easier than any high school science book. I’m not exaggerating when I say Quran has been my guidebook of my life on every occasion, on every matter, since I started to research it.

One of my friend used to post a Quran Ayah everyday morning on facebook. He posted Ayah 27:88 (Surah An-Naml) one day. Alhamdulillah, that stroke a thought in me. I researched on that and the glue between me and Islam got strengthened further. Here is the Ayah.


This Ayah reminded me a very fresh and ongoing scientific exploration. Most of us might know the earth surface you and me standing on is divided into geo-plates (horizontally and vertically). It was an idea proposed by a German scientist named Alfred Wagner in 1912. Only by 1963 scientist took this idea seriously and started researching. After 50 years from death of Wagner, scientists proved he was right. The plate we live on is called Lithosphere. This plate contains all mountains and valleys. This plate floats on another plate called Asthenosphere. In the middle of these plates is the LAB (Lithospheric-Stratospheric-Boundary). Lithospheric plates float on the LAB like clouds floating on the sky. Friction in between them is what we experience as Earth Quakes.

Further more on the research, the idea that earth surface consists of plates and they move around is a well-established scientific paradigm and what moves them around was the question. There was a recent research from a team of researchers in New Zealand released their research papers by January 2015. They found determined LAB as a lubricating layer 73 Kms down and it is 10 Km thick. (Differs from place to place)

In Professor Tim Stern’s (A researcher in the team) own words,

This means that the plates can be pushed and pulled around without strong resistance at the base”

Reference – http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/new-zealand-geologists-solve-tecto…

This is what exactly Quran reveals in 27:88. Quran.com/27/88 .
Quran claims mountains (which are a part of the Lithospheric plates) moves like cloud. Indicating existence of number of plates. And plates posses sort of independence among each other and they move around (like clouds). This Quranic claim is older than 14 centuries. Geology at 7th century was  just a bunch of fallacies. We all know Quran never changed since its origination, then how this Ayah exist in Quran is a question I keep for you to answer.

For your curiosity here is a download link of a Quran English translation.

Furthermore brother/sister, the context of this proof in Quran is way more interesting and important. Putting all of them will make this post way more longer. I will bring that to you in my next post, in sha Allah.

Salaam, Have a good day!

Scientific research references –

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Terrorism is not an Islamic practice

Islam prohibits suicide in any form for any purpose. And Islam prohibits any kind of killing out of a fair judiciary purpose. Even for judiciary it is not recommended if other options are fruitful. Allah says that in quran 4:29 – Surah An-Nisa.




So, ISIS / Taliban / Alkhaida / Boko Haram all of them are not ISLAMIC groups but political movements who used to hijack our beautiful way of life. Muslims all over the world need to work together against this. In Sha Allah for a better future for the mankind.

For your curiosity here is a download link of a Quran English translation.

Worship in Islam is rational

Islamic worship doesn’t fall under false beliefs category of Agnosticism and Atheism or Modern Science. We see life as a system. Every command in Quran is related to life system. This is why we say Islam is not a religion but a system of life. Even an agnostic person can halve adapt to this system and still be an agnostic, still that person will see an improvement in life. But that won’t make that person look like a Muslim until he/she believes in Tawheed. This is the reason why it is not possible for anyone to rationally reject the validity of Islam in the modern world. Worship in Islam is mostly associated with a worldly benefit.

Here is a way Islam has given rationality to worship. Most of the harm we do to ourselves and our society, we do them in the darkness. That means in night. Because its easy to get passed them if we do them in night. Islam has a very beautiful way to get rid of this vulnerability. If we form a habit of waking up for Thahajjadh (An early morning prayer), we won’t be able to commit ourselves to a bad habit in night. In Sha Allah.

Al-Quran (Surah Muzammil : 6)

The AyahFor your curiosity here is a download link of a Quran English translation.